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A superior testosterone booster designed for everyday men.

When it comes to testosterone support, there are many subpar products on the market, which is why we decided to create Male UltraCore. Formulated with scientifically validated ingredients for proven results, we are confident you will agree that Male UltraCore is the best male performance supplement available today.

How good is Male UltraCore?

CEO/Owner personally stands behind the product and guarantees results, or your money back.

Don’t take our word for it, compare our label to any product and we know you’ll see the difference.

What is Male UltraCore?

Male UltraCore is a superior testosterone boosting supplement designed to improve your performance, from the gym, to the office, and even at home in the bedroom. It was developed by real men looking to get back that youthful energy they were lacking, and to reignite the fire and drive that was missing.

As you age your testosterone decreases, causing you to lose a step in all areas of your life. For a lot of men, they just accept that as a part of getting older, but you don’t have to. Testosterone is a key factor in many aspects of every man’s health, and low levels of testosterone can contribute to a number of issues in men, including depression.

Male UltraCore first impressions

Male UltraCore isn’t the first pill to claim an increase in erection size, libido, or quality. Whenever I come across a product that claims to do everything with just one formula, I instantly become more skeptical about the product. Plenty of male enhancement supplements have sold the idea that the ultimate male performance can be achieved by simply taking a pill.

The information on Male UltraCore’s website is quite convincing and conclusive. What else should you look for when you have the science of the product, clearly explained and backed up by scientific facts? At first, I thought that Male UltraCore was just like any other male enhancement product, but all my skepticism about Male UltraCore was proven wrong as soon as I started digging deeper about the product.

What I found out about Male UltraCore

Male UltraCore is easily the most potent and most effective male enhancement supplement because of several factors:

Standardized Ingredients

Male UltraCore uses standardized ingredients instead of using powdered herbs. Standardized ingredients are much more difficult to produce since it goes through the several processes of extraction to get a standardized extract. It is estimated that standardized extracts are 30-40 times more potent than powdered herbs, and is partly the reason why Male UltraCore is both potent and effective.

Supplement Technologies

Instead of just using one technology, Male UltraCore uses two different supplement technologies to power the formula. Male UltraCore uses STEM and VI-PEX technology to create an increased erection size effect which it is known for. Male UltraCore developed STEM and VI-PEX from scratch to create a safe and effective solution for male enhancement.

5 Different Products

We estimate that Male UltraCore is the equivalent of taking 5 different products to produce its results. Male UltraCore contains ingredients that are sold individually, such as KSM-66, ZMA, Longjack, and Fenugreek. These 4 ingredients can all be purchased separately with the same ingredient content per serving as Male UltraCore. The proprietary blend of Male UltraCore is also similar to other top-level products like Erectogenix and Vascudrol. Male UltraCore combines these 5 different products with the technologies of STEM and VI-PEX to zero down on the dosage and timing to increase effectiveness.

No-prescription formula

With all of the benefits that Male UltraCore offers, it still is not a drug that requires a prescription. It is still a male enhancement supplement that does not require a prescription to purchase. All you have to do is order the supplement online and have it delivered to your doorstep! Penis enlargement vs Peak erection size

Male UltraCore openly discusses that penis enlargement is a myth, and the only way to increase size is by boosting erection size. Research already exposed penis enlargement as a myth since the penis stops growing by the time men reach the end of puberty, and thus an increase in mass is impossible. Men are all too familiar with their peak erection size as many experience their peak size, but not infrequently. Majority of men are unable to reach their peak erection size after they hit their 30s. With Male UltraCore, men can gain their peak erection size every time they get an erection.

How Male UltraCore Supplements Work

How Male UltraCore Works

Male UltraCore is one of the most complex formulas that we have encountered in male enhancement. The makers of Male UltraCore created two supplement technologies that are designed to work hand-in-hand to produce never-before-seen results.

VI-PEX (Vasodilator Ingredients with Penile Expansion)

VI-PEX is the blood flow booster complex of Male UltraCore. It involves the usage of vasodilator ingredients to enhance blood flow to the penis. Improved blood flow can enhance erection size while minimizing the factors that reduce the quality of a man’s erections. Vasodilators are known to work only for short periods of time due to the compound that limits the effect of cGMP. VI-PEX also involves the use of PDE-5 inhibitors to further prolong the effects of vasodilators. With VI-PEX in full effect, the user’s blood flow is properly supported during the day.

STEM (Sustained Testosterone Enhancement Method)

STEM is the testosterone-boosting complex of Male UltraCore. Unlike most male enhancement supplements that only flood the formula with testosterone boosters to create the sensation of increased libido, Male UltraCore uses a balanced formula that not only increases testosterone but also prevents the buildup of dangerous testosterone metabolites such as estrogen and DHT. By preventing the metabolism of testosterone to these hormones, free testosterone levels are effectively sustained, further boosting libido and sexual performance.

5 Stages of Male UltraCore

According to Male UltraCore, the effectiveness of the formula comes in 5 stages. We explored the formula and here’s what we learned about the stages.


The first stage involving the activation of VI-PEX is the most crucial part of the penis transformation that Male UltraCore promises its customers. It involves the improvement of blood flow to the penis, which can already boost erection size and hardness. It can also prevent the blockage or narrowing of blood vessels which prevent men from having a full erection.


The PDE-5 component of VI-PEX are activated, which prolongs the effects of vasodilators, and further enhances the blood flow boosting the effect of the formula. This also primes the body to react to sexual stimulus better to create bigger, harder erections.


The initial stages of STEM get activated, which releases testosterone-boosting compounds into the bloodstream, and speeds up testosterone production. This stage alone is able to improve libido and sexual stamina, which are all crucial in improving sexual performance.


STEM gets fully-activated, with testosterone-stabilizing ingredients released to inhibit enzymes from metabolizing testosterone. By slowing down the metabolism of testosterone to DHT and Estrogen, Male UltraCore effectively builds up free testosterone to further enhance libido and sexual stamina.


Through the increased testosterone levels achieved during the previous stages and the improved blood flow, a fuller, bigger erection can be achieved. When the user gets aroused because of the increased libido effect, the body’s blood vessels simultaneously react to direct blood flow to the penis. With the vasodilation effect in full swing, the cavernous spaces in the penis start to expand and fill with more blood, creating a much bigger and harder erection.

Male UltraCore Before and After Results

In this section, we’ll take you through our experience with Male UltraCore. Two of our team members volunteered to try Male UltraCore for a period of three months to objectively evaluate the effects of Male UltraCore to the body.


We purchased Male UltraCore from the website. Since we’ll be using Male UltraCore for a period of three months, we decided to sign up for Male UltraCore’s FREE MEMBERSHIP program that allowed us to get a 50% discount on the pills. On the same weekend, we measured our erect penis size and rated our libido.

Before Using Male UltraCore


We received Male UltraCore 6 days after we sent our order. We started testing the following day. Both of us took the standard serving size of Male UltraCore - 4 pills, taken before breakfast. The first day was quite uneventful. No significant changes in size and libido. No surprise there, since no pill ever really makes a significant improvement in the first month. After the first week, there were no notable changes, aside from improving our sexual stamina. Both of us were able to climax at least once in one sexual encounter with our partners, but there was no significant improvement in erection hardness factor yet.

First Week Using Male UltraCore


We started noticing significant improvements to our libido starting from the third-fourth week of taking Male UltraCore. Erections were much easier to achieve and it was much easier to get in the mood for sex. There were also slight improvements in erection size, but not big enough to conclusively prove the improvement in erection size. We were about 85% done with the first bottle when we received our refill for the following month. By the time we were done with the bottle, we were both able to achieve improvements in libido and sexual performance, but only a slight improvement in erection size.

Four Weeks After Using Male UltraCore


Things started to pick up after taking Male UltraCore for the 6th straight week. The change in libido is much more natural than expected. Unlike other aphrodisiacs that would make you horny for a few hours and begin to slow down shortly after, Male UltraCore gives you the kind of confidence that will let you go from zero to 100 pretty quickly. The body can respond to the slightest of sexual stimulus as long as you want it to, but there were no awkward erections to hide. You are in full control. The increase in erection size is much more noticeable and is now more consistent than before. There is also a noticeable improvement in semen volume and sexual stamina.

Six Weeks After Using Male UltraCore


Now the results of taking Male UltraCore is more evident. The biggest improvement is in erection size and hardness. There is also a huge improvement in erection hardness. One of the things I’ve noticed is the angle of my erection. My erection usually rises to a 90-degree angle from the flaccid perspective, but now my erections are more upright at a 120-degree angle. This allows for more sexual pleasure for me and my partner.

Another significant change is sexual stamina and performance. I can now have sex for hours and I can orgasm for more than three times with very short rest periods in between. I am now more confident with sex, and my partner always orgasms when we have sex. The third bottle arrived just in time for my third month of taking Male UltraCore.

Eight Weeks After Using Male UltraCore

End of 12 weeks - Conclusion

By now, we are used to the sexual confidence boost of Male UltraCore. Word got around that I was good at sex and soon enough I get random women hitting me up at the local sports pub that we frequently visit after work. Back then I would be ashamed of my penis size, but with a massive erection, women seem to love it. During peak erection my penis is way thicker than ever before, and I absolutely love it. My penis even gets to a nice shade of flesh whenever I get an erection, and it just shows women how eager my body is to have sex. I even got better at foreplay and oral sex for some reason. Maybe it’s the testosterone boost that Male UltraCore has. If anything, Male UltraCore completely transformed my erection quality and it completely improved my sex life.

Male UltraCore Before And After

The Best Male UltraCore Results and Pricing

Male UltraCore is known for providing excellent supplement quality and effectiveness. In our efforts to make our product more accessible to our customers, we have created the Premier Loyalty Pricing, which grants customers a massive discount of $40 every month after their third month!

As an incentive to staying with the program for 90 days, Male UltraCore gives you a $40 discount every month to help you preserve and continue to enhance your progress. This way, continuing to take Male UltraCore daily will be easier on the pocket, and you will also have the option to take it to the next level by upgrading your package!

With the Premier Loyalty Pricing, you can opt to upgrade to the Gold and Platinum packages and still end up paying less than your original monthly payments! Get the Gold package for only $49.95 ($89.95 SRP) or the Platinum package for only $59.95 ($99.95 SRP). By upgrading to the Gold and Platinum package, you get access to two powerful supplements, Ultra Boost, and Extreme Testosterone, which when used with Male UltraCore will deliver a higher level of performance, size, and libido!


How did you test Male UltraCore?

We did a real-life test involving two of our volunteers. Each had different backgrounds, age, and lifestyles. Both were healthy during the test period, and physicians were consulted to guarantee the safety of our volunteers. Our volunteers were instructed to follow the directions – 4 pills every morning, prior to breakfast. The pills were regularly taken, without skipping doses. This test only proves that Male UltraCore works on different individuals and not just a select group of men.

Does Male UltraCore have any side effects?

Both of our volunteers did not encounter any kind of discomfort or side effects during the test period. We were able to check our volunteers’ health during the test period and both were at the peak of their health.

How does Male UltraCore’s FREE membership work?

Basically, you sign up for the free membership before you make your first purchase. That already gives you a massive discount of 50%. Not many are aware of this free membership so take advantage of this deal while you can. While under the membership, you get a lifetime 50% discount of Male UltraCore. They would also send the bottles to your location before you run out of supply.

How long does it take for Male UltraCore to work?

Based on our tests, it was revealed that Male UltraCore does not work instantly, but that’s expected given the fact that no male enhancement pill ever works instantly. However, Male UltraCore started working after a few weeks, when normally it takes male enhancement products months to show a significant improvement in libido.

How long should I wait for my order?

Our order arrived after 6 days. The standard shipping time is between 3-8 business days. If you want to get your orders on time, I highly suggest that you sign up for their free membership program because they will ship the bottles to you before you run out of your supply.

Does Male UltraCore offer a guarantee?

Aside from Male UltraCore’s spotless scientific data and evidence, Male UltraCore also offers an ironclad money-back guarantee. Male UltraCore gives you up to 90 days from the date of purchase to test Male UltraCore out. If it doesn’t work out for you, you can simply call in and request for a refund. If you are a Male UltraCore member, you can still cancel your membership without any penalty or charges. As with every other returned product, all you have to do is return the remaining product to the address that will be provided to you. Once received, you will get a full refund.


Male UltraCore is easily the most effective male enhancement supplement that we’ve ever tried. It only makes sense that critics and customers are talking about it all the time! The best part about Male UltraCore is that they offer convenient and affordable deals that would make your buying experience much simpler. We haven’t had a product quite like Male UltraCore, and you can be sure that it will be a long wait before we get something that’s better than Male UltraCore.

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